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Taking Flight with Tatiana!

Born Magical is a Brown Sugar Fairies Blog Series featuring creatives within the realm of Fae. I'm elated to share a few magical beings with the BSF community whose art, photography, poetry, and beautiful images have made us swoon! In this post we welcome Fantasy Model and Crafter Tatiana Pimentel.

I first came to know her through the stunning images of The Witching Hour Photography (Joy Marshall), (and Fearie Magazine) Tatiana's photos stand out as haunting and beautiful, bringing the viewer into the mystery of the story. I hope that you will enjoy this fun interview, as we get to know a little more about this magical creature who crafts.

(Photos shared in this post are with the permission of the photographer

@ The Witching Hour Photography )


Hello beautiful creatures! My name is Tee and I am a fantasy photography model and crafter of fairy wings!

Fairy Element?

A: Earth.

Favorite flower?

A: My favorite flower is honeysuckle.

What is one song you listen to, that 9 times out of 10 will uplift your spirit?

A: I love love R&B! Its not a very up beat song but I love "Baby Powder" By Jenevieve

As a fairy do you live by the river, mountains, jungle, fields, or another place?

A: This was a tough one! I think my fairy would live somewhere in the mountains with beautiful hidden cascading waterfalls and caves so she can explore with the rest of the animals and fairy friends!

When you close your eyes and imagine your wingspan, what type of wings do you have? Dragonfly, Butterfly, Etherial…or other?

A: I think I'll go with other for this one. My wings would be spritely. They would make a statement when you see them and they would have beautiful colors but they would be modest in size so I can get around quickly. And be able to walk through door frames 🤣.

We came to know modeling gorgeous fantasy photoshoots. What's the best part about being a fantasy model?

A: The best part about being a fantasy model is how transformative it can be. The shoots can vary from something simple to super fun makeup, an interesting location, or extraordinary costumes!

Do you have a favorite fairytale or book that has inspired you personally?

A: The Princess and the frog have inspired me personally. I've never known how to stop working hard so I see a lot of me in that movie.

Do you have a daily ritual that helps keep you grounded?

A: Yes I do! Sounds weird but I have a mood board that I made full of goals for this year and it's up on my kitchen wall. Every day I wakeup place both hands on it close my eyes and just think of all those goals and say to myself the blessings I already have.

Do you feel that you chose your passion, or did it choose you?

A: I feel like my passion choose me! I was not expecting this at all. But I wouldn't change a thing!

Can you tell us a little more about Creatures Who Craft, and where we can buy your fairy wings?

A: Creatures Who Craft is all about bringing out the beautiful creature in you! I make poseable fairy wings. What makes these special is that they can be disassembled for easy storage! And the U brace can be adjusted so that it is wider. Because we love fairies of all shapes and sizes. If you want to learn more about the many features you can find the wings on my Etsy shop


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