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 SAROJA'S QUEST is the story of Peppa, an inquisitive and sassy tongued ten-year-old girl with a love for books and adventure. When Peppa’s grandfather takes ill, her world becomes unhinged, so her Mama makes arrangements for Peppa to work at the local market.

In a shop full of old mysteries, she finds a book which hides magical secrets and one real live flower fairy! Her name is Saroja.


The fairy is on a quest to find the sacred Lotus flower and return it to her Enchanted Land before her magical world is destroyed. When Peppa learns the Lotus has the gift of healing she has a difficult choice - to help her new found friend save her home or use the last of its power to cure her grandfather.


This is a story of compassion, bravery, and healing as Peppa and Saroja create a special bond that will last many lifetimes.

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