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Creating Magic with Naiima

Born Magical is a Brown Sugar Fairies Blog Series featuring creatives within the realm of Fae. I'm elated to share a few magical beings with the BSF community whose art, photography, poetry, and beautiful images have made us swoon! We are so excited to feature Naiima. When I first saw her account on instagram I was immediatly drawn to her fashion! It was filled with fairy vibes with that African mix! Her undeniable talent is unique and full of heart! Let's welcome Naiima!

Tell us who you are, where you're from, and what you do creatively?

My name is Naiima Lovechild and often tell people I’m from Venus, lol. I was born in San Antonio Tx and grew up in Dallas. But I never felt like I was from there. I couldn’t wait to grow up and move. And move is what I did! My first move was to Atlanta, then a short stint in Tampa and back to Dallas. I moved to Miami to co parent with my daughters father and to more closely connect with nature. Some time later love landed me in Memphis where I currently reside and am building the enchanted dream!

Thank you so much for including me in the beautiful expression of Melanated Ebony fairies! It’s been a passion of mine since I can remember.

Fairy Element?

I’m naturally and Air fairy, as I was born in the sign of Libra. But I strongly resonate with Aang the avatar and consider myself an avatar here to master all the elements

Favorite Flower?

Orchid and sunflowers

How have fairies, and elemental beings ( mermaids) inspired or impacted your life?

I’ve always been obsessed with mystical beings. Including everything witch and elf

related and I’ve always felt like an elemental before I had the language. I’m avid watcher of all things fantastical including tinker bell and and her fairie sisters. I consider myself a Tinker!

I am a huge fan of your creative work! From your jewelry, butterfly wing backpacks and so much more! All of which seems to be rooted in nature and Black culture. Can you tell us a little more about that, and the company you co-founded, Kipepeo Collective?

Thank you so much for the sweet words and I’m so excited to be participating in this platform you’ve created because it’s dear to my heart! As a fellow fairy, and Afro bohemian, i would look out into the world and only see white images associated with these terms before there were any social media platforms to look to for representation. And it used to piss me off. It felt like an injustice and where the “bohemian” aspects were concerned it definitely felt like appropriation of the highest sort. As Much of what makes up elemental and bohemian characteristics are connection to nature. All of which represents Africanness. In my early days on Etsy and tumblr, I made it my mission to take as many pictures and represent that through my work and tag every image (when hashtags were first a thing). I was on a serious mission! Lol. My first business was Lotus Roots creations, and it eventually evolve to what it is now Kipepeo Collective. The mission is to inspire women of color to see themselves as powerful magical beings and give themselves permission to dream, play and manifest anything their hearts can imagine?

As a fairy do you live by the river, mountains, jungle, fields, or another place?

Yes!! All of the above!

When you close your eyes and imagine your wingspan, what type of wings do you have? Dragonfly, Butterfly, Etherial…or other?

Definitely a BUTTERFLY!️🦋

Do you have a favorite fairytale, or book that has inspired you personally?

I love the tinker bell series!!! More than a fairy tale , more of an ongoing story of empowerment of feminine magic!

Do you have a daily ritual that helps keep you grounded?

Yes I burn incense and sage daily. And stretching, and Dancing for sure. And most importantly ALWAYS CREATING!

Do you feel that you chose your passion, or did it choose you?

I definitely was chosen for this sacred work. I believe there’s more to the elemental world than we know. Stories are told to give us a peek into what is actually happening within the so called veil. But this time is connecting us more and making us privy to various realities and dimensions believed to only be fanstasy.

Is there anything else you want our fans to know? Upcoming projects or products that you want us to be on the lookout for?

Yes thank you for asking! There’s so much of the dream currently unfolding that I’d love to speak to! Including creating a tangible experience where there’s space for black and brown magic to be made and felt! For now just keep watch for new creations it’s all birthing something huge! Beyond enchanted!!!

Much love Naiima🦋

Follow Naiima on Instagram @niimalove Website:


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