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Meet Mint Faery!

Born Magical is a Brown Sugar Fairies Blog Series featuring creatives within the realm of Fae. I'm elated to share a few magical beings with the BSF community whose art, photography, poetry, and beautiful images have made us swoon! In this post we welcome Mint Faery! Her Instagram and Youtube channel are both enchanting and healing. I hope that you will enjoy this fun interview with a Fairy Godmother.

Welcome Mint Faery!

Tell us who you are and what you do creatively?

Hey! I'm Mint and I create videos and other contacts about folklore, magic and the faerie realm.

What is your fairy element?

Storm! I identify mostly with the tumultuous combination of water and wind when it touches earth.

What’s your favorite flower?

Lily of the Valley and Violets.

When you close your eyes and imagine your wingspan, what type of wings do you have?

They are dragonfly, but still sort of unique. The top set is slightly larger than the bottom, and they are sort of velvety and opalescent at the same time.

Can you tell us a little more about your YouTube channel and what message you want your audience to receive from you?

My goal when I make videos is to help people realize how much they can do to make their own lives better. I want people to know that they can create their own happiness, and that they are so worthy of love and compassion. I'm also a huge fan of ceremony and the power that it can give a moment in time, and I think that magic really encapsulates that.

What inspires you to create?

Making people laugh and feel comfortable, that's always my ultimate goal. I really enjoy seeing people smile, sharing stores that people can relate too, and making people feel welcome in my spaces.

Do you have a favorite fairytale, or book that has inspired you personally?

Anne of Green Gables inspired me so much! The way that Anne romanticized the simplest things really made me feel excited for every aspect of life. Also The Neverending Story really inspired my imagination.

Do you have a daily ritual that helps keep you grounded?

I meditate twice a day, and I've started drawing in the evenings. Having a teatime ritual really helps to separate my work day from my free time, since working at home blurs those lines so much!

Do you feel that you chose your passion, or did it choose you?

Both for sure! I love connecting with people and I've tried many different ways to do so. I've worked as a massage therapist, a counselor, a fashion consultant and interior designer. So, I feel like what I do now combines a lot of that.

What is one song you listen to that 9 times out of 10 will uplift your spirit?

Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees, I'm a huge lover of disco and funk fusion.

As a fairy, where would you say your dwelling place would be?

Definitely the forest where I could take care of the plants and woodland creatures. I love being surrounded by green. Mountains would be welcome too!

Thank you Mint for sharing with us! We are excited to see more from you. Any upcoming projects or products that you want to let us know about?

Gosh, there are so many things I'm working on! I have a pretty exciting Spring collection of jewelry coming in March. I also have some Mint Faery merch coming out in late May!

Follow Mint on YouTube and Instagram @MintFaery


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