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The Magic Within: Realms Workshop

I am J’vonte Lee, Owner of Realm’s Workshop! I grew up between North Carolina and South Carolina but I spent most of my life in Baltimore, Maryland. I grew up as an only child for a little while, I kept to myself because I was never understood by most people. Having a creative Imagination kept me entertained most days until I discovered Roleplay. Being able to bend my own reality and produce it into words, virtual graphics was a rewarding feeling and not just that but met like minded people which was very exciting for me! IMVU inc., was my main source of creative fun. My username is Realm! Which is where I got my business name. I was on IMVU for 14 years! I Roleplayed as an Elf, his Element was Wind. I started my own Virtual Shop, all original textures and some mesh work that I collabed with, by me and other Developers!

Most Popular Developers I had the opportunity to work with from the IMVU Community were Sybil9, Ruhna, JadeElf, SpicyJam, Ellohym, and alot others! We had a lot of fun for 6 years until we all grew up. I am 28 years old now. When I create with my clay, I truly pour all my love and thought into it. Remembering the fun I had roleplaying, memories of movies I have on replay in my head ( Lord of the Rings, Dark Crystal, Harry Potter, Never Ending Story, Xena , etc. You name it, I have seen it ! Anything involving Fantasy), or video games! On IMVU, I was exposed to alot of different cultures and beliefs which came with music. I find my imagination very driven by music. I’ve taken to a lot of Viking like music, Norse mythology itself has really caught my eye over the last few years, due to the fact that's where Elven Lore originated from. Fun fact, there were Scandinavian Tribes that were later discovered to live in trees! I learned that there were Black Vikings as well ( I wish they taught us that in school )! Before I got into sculpting this past year, my other activities with Art are photography and Flow Art.

Flow Art is a lot like interpretive dance or martial arts. Expression of Self energy. The technique is usually accessed through props. My favorite choices are Drapes and LEDS such as Fans, Buugengs and Pixel Whips. My photography journey is an endless journey. I seen myself working for a magazine but instead I work for Shutterfly. I was self taught by the age of 15. I dabble in a lot of genres of photography but my most experienced is Music events and styling for Portraits. I’ve always put together fun concepts for my own dream. There is really nothing I cannot do, I am always willing to try something new and take on a challenge! One of my greatest successes in this chapter of my life is having the capabilities to sculpt and make a business out of this. Took a lot of courage! I would not be here if it wasn’t for a store I partnered with, Eastern Coral, which is located in Columbia Mall of Columbia, MD. I sell some of my Interior Nature Frames there.

I get a lot of my material, and any extra assistance from them. To create magical items with my hands from my head is ever so rewarding! This is much bigger than capturing beauty with my camera, but to form beauty with my HANDS, people see and connect with my art….that's way past words can describe the feelings i have! I want people to feel what I feel, especially those that struggle with Depression and Anxiety like myself. Entwine a little magic to make our day better. Learning about plants and Crystals has been a learning Journey. When I was a child in school, I struggled with ADD. I wish I had known the benefits of certain crystals then. I like to believe my crystals and my art truly makes the day better and I hope for anyone else of any age or gender identity to find the gift for them. When I wear my pieces, I feel noticed, calm and most importantly at peace. I truly feel the difference when I take one of my pieces off. I never leave home without it! It’s not to say my jewelry or ornaments will make you feel immediate spiritual benefits, but I like that it gives one the ability to Hope.

"This was my art teacher from middle school. I was known to be drawing elves and mermaids in my sketch book all the time. She was happy to come out to my first vending location, first thing she said was that i look like my drawings! Kids made fun of me for it! She was very encouraging to my younger self, she offer her classroom to me during lunch or after school whenever i needed to get away."

Alot of my Art that is provided for Realm’s Workshop is done by me. You can find my Shop on Etsy. ( Follow my Instagram to find out more about me and my Portfolio as an Artist. I’m looking forward to my art taking me to many places and meeting a lot of faces ( JvonteArt ) and Photography on CaptureAndListen "

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I really enjoyed reading your bio. very beautiful and elightening. I wish you all the best, much success and prosperity.

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