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Meet the Creator and Author

Aiysha Sinclair

Aiysha Sinclair is a Mother, Artist, and Energy Healing practitioner who loves to write stories and poetry within the realm of the fairy-tale. Brown Sugar Fairies came about through her love of storytelling as a performer. She wanted to share stories that fostered the imagination and the healing messages fairies offer. In 2015 she took pen to paper and allowed the story of Peppa (a human child), and a new found friend Saroja to manifest into a lovely tale of friendship, adventure, and of course healing. Along with the amazingly talented Joycline Furniss who provided the illustrations, Brown Sugar Fairies first book was born.

After seeing that there was a lack of representation in the world of fantasy featuring people of color, in 2017 Aiysha created an online community platform that showcases those who love to play, dress up, and frolic as fairies do within the Black and Brown sphere. 

“I want to share stories about fairies that come from a place not so distant from our own,” said author Aiysha Sinclair. “Stories that will provoke curiosity and open the reader up to a world of magic and fantasy with characters that reflect our image. But above all, Brown Sugar Fairies is a healing tale about the magic of friendship.” 

Excerpt from Black Girl Nerds interview

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